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Welcome To the all new website for cod4 developers and players alike.

Since the Demise of the openwarfare forums we have been missing a place for the special care and features of cod4 Development.

We have provided an upload section for developers to share the things that they wish to, with a categorised download section

We will also be adding a downloads search bar, this should make it easier to find your topics and downloads

This site was designed to hopefully fill that gap and give the community What it needs.

The rules are few and simple by signing up to www.Cod4Dev.co.uk you are agreeing to the followiong terms:-

1 - Helpful cod4 related threads only

2 - Post an Introduction Here

3- Trolling/insults and Racism of any kind will be dealt with to a zero tollerance policy by all Administrators

4 - This site was developed for the following reasons

a - As a place where developers can help each other and give the guys that wish to learn a helping hand where possible.

b - To give the cod4  community a place to meet/chat /contribute and download  

5- To have your server added to the sponsored server section you must be a regular site sponsor

a - Regular Donator

b - Regular File Uploader

c - Submit Regular Viable Solutions

d - Be a Cod4Dev Admin (please don't ask us we will ask you)

If all members manage to play nicely, at a later date we will be adding our own social networking app built into this site.

Cod4Dev is still very much a work in progress so please bear with us whilst we get it all sorted.

Please Feel Free to leave us Suggestions here

(Just as long as you wont be offended if, after an Admin discussion we disregard them) 

We are Also in the Process of Setting up a Cod4Dev Teamspeak Server

Thank you all for reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

May your stay with us be a long and happy one


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